Version 3 of team(Planner) is here!

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team(Planner) is designed for the iPhone and iPad, including the iPhone X. This app will revolutionize the way you and your teams collaborate and work together on projects. This is not just a simple task or todo list manager, this app is part priority manager, part project manager, and part task manager. team(Planner) is unique because it understands the difference between when something needs to be completed by, and when you’re going to work on it. It also calculates the date each action item will be completed, based on the estimated work and dependency. The app also gives you the ability to have unassigned tasks – work that needs to be done by a certain date, but you’ve not yet prioritized when to work on those tasks.

team(Planner) makes team collaboration easy for small and large projects. You and your team enter action items into the app and assign that work to different people. The whole team can see the action items for the project, including the progress being made, due dates for items, items that are past due where someone might need assistance, and dependencies between different action items in a project. Will you achieve your due dates? team(Planner) helps you manage to those dates by calculating completion dates based on assigned dates, duration and dependencies of your action items.

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team(Planner) also takes project collaboration to a new level with Action item Notes – free form, unlimited note entries that team members can post to any action item in a project they are working on. Collaboration and ideas, together with the tasks they relate to, are all together in team(Planner), enabling you and team members to search and view task status across the project. Use team(Planner) to capture both the notes from a meeting, and the follow up action items that come out of that meeting, assigning that follow up work to the people responsible for completing it.

Let team(Planner) help you to focus on the right work that needs to be done daily and weekly. Don’t get bogged down by endless to-do lists that stare you in the face every day. Don’t try to use a simple todo list app when your life and your projects are more complicated than just keeping a list. team(Planner) helps you to prioritize your days and weeks, allowing you to focus on the now, while still planning for tomorrow.

With Version 3 you get increased performance with the app, and the ability to import you iPhone Contacts into team(Planner).

Available today for the
iPhone (models 5S and later, including the iPhone 7, 8, X, XS, and XR, iOS 11.0 or greater including compatibility with iOS 12), iPad (iOS 11.0 or greater) and is only $0.99 USD. No in-app purchases, nothing more to buy!

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